Workstation Solutions

As there’s so many new personal devices release – desktops, laptops, tablets, workstations and thin clients. It may be difficult to track what is good and best suited to your business.


How We Work

  • We first understand your business needs and requirements
  • Find out what applications are been used eg, any graphic intense software
  • How the applications are been hosted
  • How the devices are being used.
  • Type of user – eg, power desk user, or mobile staff
  • Options that can improve the system efficiently

Solutions we can help you with

  • Provide proof concept and demo units
  • Assist with system design and solution
  • Install physical hardware onsite
  • System imaging
  • Asset tagging
  • Decommission existing equipment

We recommend high quality devices made purposely for business/corporate use.
Devices we recommend generally have 3 years onsite warranty for best product lifecycle and peace of mind.

“In the past we it took us several weeks to rollout desktops around our organisation. Ever since engaging the Konverge team – we now cut that take down to a couple of days. They will have our corporate image loaded onto the desktops and asset tagged before they are delivered. Once delivered, their team would unpack all the new equipment and set them up onto our domain.”

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“We have been dealing with Konverge for all our desktop and thin client needs. They are update on the latest models. They send out regular demo units which helps the teams decide on what is the most practical solution for their business unit. They always get competitive pricing and delivery is prompt which is very important to us.”