Servers and Storage

Business data needs to be protected and recoverable in a timely and effective manner. Use of raid technology in disk arrays and backing up to tape for offsite storage should be the minimum level of protection your business demands. Increasingly, this level of protection alone is unacceptable from the perspective of auditors and insurance companies and does little to enhance your business competitiveness.

Konverge delivers storage solutions built on technology from the leading manufacturers. Accredited to the highest level, we are able to provide complete storage solutions from design through to implementation and beyond. Our solutions cover all aspects of storage including backup, recovery, archiving, replication and data security.

To help ensure you have the best storage solution, we can conduct effectiveness, security and compliance audits, together with a backup and recovery assessment of your IT environment. Following a detailed analysis, this will show you how to:

    • Minimise the cost and complexity of your storage
    • Improve storage utilisation
    • Enable more flexible disaster recovery plans
    • Eliminate business risks
    • Relieve management burden
    • Meet backup windows and improve restoration time

Remove unnecessary data storage

  • Reduce backup and recovery times by up to 98% using clones and snapshots
  • Improve data protection reliability using disk-based backups and block-level updates
  • Lessen backup storage requirements and administrative overhead

What really adds value and efficiency to your business is the deployment of effective software on these traditional and newer hardware platforms.

  • Snapshotting technologies enable rapid recovery of data from multiple point in time copies without the involvement of the IT department, allowing end users to be more productive and your business more responsive
  • Off-site disk based backup and/or replication of data provides effective protection from local data loss and enables rapid recovery
  • Intelligent backup to disk solutions mean you need only ever do one full backup and thereafter only what has changed
  • System imaging technology helps you to rapidly recover failed system images onto new and different hardware

Brands you can trust

With today’s technology no single vendor can be a leader in every area of IT.
We understand this and partner with key vendors to that are perfect for your exact requirements.
We have direct partnerships with all tier 1 vendors for support and knowledge.

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