Custom IT Solutions and
Professional Services

Konverge has built a reputation for delivering premier IT solutions from leading vendors,
designed and implemented by a highly experienced team.
Our approach is to understand the requirement or problems and we design solutions that work.

“The difference is we don’t just provide one solution,
we provide all the correct solutions for you to choose from.”

Product trials and solution or proof of concepts available

Guaranteed solution which works

Our team will go to great lengths to support and tailor the solution

Competitive pricing

Before we offer a solution. We want to know the following:

  • Requirements, problems and pain points.
  • The use of solution or product.
  • Upgrade of existing systems or new set up.
  • Features and functions you like and prefer.
  • Brand or product preference.
  • Any integration with existing equipment?
  • Do you want a trial and product demonstration?
  • Who are the decision makers involved.
  • Budgets.
  • Timeframe and schedule for rollout.

Customised solutions which we offer by multi vendors.

Purely customised to your situation

Once we the information our team with tailor a solution to your budget and requirement. We can assist in implementing end to end the entire solution or complete the project in stages working together with the you.