Security Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and connected world, where information is at the heart of most organisations, it is more important than ever to consider potential security threats to your organisation. New threats emerge daily. Critical business data comes from a multitude of sources – your board, your customers, your strategic partners, but it often shares one important characteristic, which is that if this information is compromised the consequences can be wide-ranging and devastating.

A comprehensive security audit from Konverge can identify the issues to be addressed within your IT environment and suggest solutions and the remedial action to be undertaken. Using the very best products, we can help you build a secure environment and put into place policies and procedures to keep it secure.

We can also provide a comprehensive risk analysis of your existing data security and assist with a combination of the following services:

    • Database Vulnerability Assessment
    • Message & Documentation Classification
    • Network Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS, IPS)

  • Data Governance & Entitlement Management
  • EndPoint Data Loss Prevention
  • Encryption – Disc, HSM, LAN & WAN
  • Security Audit
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