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Often our clients have an idea of they want or have an exact part number of what is required. They then request a quote or get in touch. Once we understand the requirement, we can quote on exactly what you need or provide you with other options for you to consider.

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Demo Units

It’s an industry secret that demo units can be supplied to special clients. We organise demo units for our clients so that they make the right purchasing decisions.

Expert Pre Sales Support

Our experts have a minimum of 15 years industry experiences, ensuring that you are well informed about the products and services.
In many cases we have had client that have purchased the wrong solution because there was no pre sales support

hp z family workstations it hardware

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We will help you get the best deals on:

  • Computers (notebooks, tablets, thin clients, workstations)
  • Displays (Monitors, TVs, projectors, screens and mounts)
  • Servers and Storage systems (Servers, NAS, SAN, drives, tape drives and media)
  • Networking Equipment (Routers, switches, firewalls, Wireless AP and controllers)
  • Point of Sale (Barcode scanners, cash drawers, thermal printers)
  • Rack and power (Racks, UPS, cables, PDUs, KVM)
  • Printers (laserjets, multifunction, scanners, wide format printers, ink and cartridges)
  • Accessories (external drives, cables, cameras, carry cases, any system option)
  • Software (operating systems, back up, security, multimedia, business applications, design and volume licensing)